"Alone, even doing nothing, you do not waste your time. You do, almost always, in company. No encounter with yourself can be altogether sterile: Something necessarily emerges, even if only the hope of some day meeting yourself again." (E.M. Cioran)

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Had a dream last night that I was in an American city - Boston, apparently - but it was the late 1970s and I was having an affair with (a still quite youngish) William Shatner. (Don't ask, ok? I mean, I like his album 'n all, but this is ridiculous!) Anyway, we were like teenagers in love as we hung with his buddies - a great bunch of intellectual 'art' types and I was exuberantly telling them how I'd come from the future and about the differences between their time and mine. They were reluctant to believe me and who could blame them, but they were all the while reminding me of better, more tolerant and hopeful times, so I told them all about my world.

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